Oxygen Infusion

By the age of 30, your skin has already lost over 25% of the oxygen it started with. By 40 almost 50% of the skin’s ability to consume and retain oxygen has been impaired. Less oxygen results in more wrinkles, fine lines and dull looking skin.

The Oxygen Infusion system restores vibrancy and a youthful glowing complexion by delivering oxygen and liquid minerals deeper than any other oxygen mist treatments. This is accomplished by fusing bio-available trace and essential minerals and delivering them into the tissue by jet stream infusion.

This treatment is highly recommended to be added to the micro-dermabrasion treatment, but can also be added to any facial treatment. You will feel the difference!

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I have been struggling with acne since I was 14 years old. I had acne scars and low self-esteem. My acne got worse and worse despite a clean diet. Nothing I tried cleared up my acne. Esther changed my life and boosted my confidence! She is a skin expert. Esther knows what she is doing, takes her time to understand your skin and your daily regimen. She will tell you what you are doing right and wrong and will recommend treatments that will work for you. I cannot imagine what I would do without Esther!!!! Call and make an appointment you won’t be disappointed!

Rosie Rodrigeuz

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