Galvanic current allows active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin for visible and lasting results. Micro-circulation stimulates and oxygenates the cells providing an antibacterial and antiseptic effect to heal the skin. A light pressure massage with smoothing movements helps to relax the face and promote a radiant glow. Extractions are included in this treatment.


The new and improved Hydradermie machine now uses a higher ionization current that allows gels to penetrate deeper into the skin for more effective cleansing and hydration providing visible, lasting results. The benefits are that your skin will have a new, radiant beauty from the prescribed products use. The delicate galvanic currents massage the face and in just over one hour, the skin looks smooth, rested and glowing.

Hydradermie Eye Lift

Improve fine lines and wrinkles with Guinot’s flagship treatment. The Hydradermie Lift treatment takes care of periorbital muscles providing new tone and tension to them. Already after the first treatment the small wrinkles disappear, the delphiniums become smooth and the eye becomes youthfully radiant.

Hydradermie Lift

A mild muscle stimulating current that firms and lifts saggy skin for a younger, more toned look, revitalizing tired skin cells and promoting oxygenation for a firmer, radiant appearance. Lymphatic drainage is included in this facial.

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Just like the other reviewer I was going to a little lady for several years and results were not noteworthy, because the lady was just tweesing my hair and did not have enough patience. I tried to work it out with her and she got angry, saying that she has a been doing this for decades Fortunately I found Teri at Esther’s Skin Care, who, after just one treatment (!) produces such results that hair is gone from one side of my chin entirely. I can’t wait for another treatment. Since I was out fo town for several months, I went to another electrologyst, who, again tweesed my hair and did not do any good.It is unfortunate, but most electrologysts out there are just incompetent and will be telling you that it takes time, blahblabla. However, truth it, they do not know what they are doing or just after your money. If you do not see results – do not waste time – go to Teri.

Natalia T.

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