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Esther Garces, LE, CCE

Owner and founder of Esther’s Skin Care and Electrolysis,  Esther began her business in 1985 focusing only on hair removal. While helping clients with Hirsutism, she realized the need to treat their skin as well and went back to school to receive her license in Esthetics.  Working closely with an M.D. at the beginning of her practice and many years of continuous education has given her the expertise to help her clients with many skin care issues.

After 35 years, Esther will be retiring from Electrolysis in May of 2020 but will continue offering her services in skin care.


Teri Mathews, Licensed Electrolygist

A licensed Electrologist, Teri has been a part of Esther’s Electrolysis for over 20 years. She specializes in permanent hair removal for men and women. Body hair removal is her forte, using all permanent methods: Electrolysis, Thermolysis and Blend.

Contact Teri to make an appointment for your free consultation.

Giovanna Perez, Licensed Esthetician

The newest member to join our team is Giovanna Perez. She is a bilingual (English/Spanish) Licensed Esthetician. She has been trained in Hydrafacial, Galvanic and Microcurrent along with Anti-Aging Facials.  She is happy to help you with your skin care regimen and offer you a treatment protocol for your skin care needs.


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Just like the other reviewer I was going to a little lady for several years and results were not noteworthy, because the lady was just tweesing my hair and did not have enough patience. I tried to work it out with her and she got angry, saying that she has a been doing this for decades Fortunately I found Teri at Esther’s Skin Care, who, after just one treatment (!) produces such results that hair is gone from one side of my chin entirely. I can’t wait for another treatment. Since I was out fo town for several months, I went to another electrologyst, who, again tweesed my hair and did not do any good.It is unfortunate, but most electrologysts out there are just incompetent and will be telling you that it takes time, blahblabla. However, truth it, they do not know what they are doing or just after your money. If you do not see results – do not waste time – go to Teri.

Natalia T.

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